Through good and carefully followed routines in all our processes, a quality assurance is achieved that we, customers and consumers should always be satisfied with. We operate under a strict internal control program for food safety and cooperates with Anticimex, for optimal control.

In 2011, we were BRC certified. Every year since, we undergo a BRC audit where strict requirements are placed on quality and food safety. BRC is a global, and internationally recognized standard where a comprehensive quality effort is required to become certified. In Sweden, only about a hundred companies are certified according to the standard. We also do some analyzes and inspections in our own laboratory. As for microbiological and chemical tests we have an agreement with Eurofins, one of the world's largest laboratory groups.


For us, it is important take care and protect the environment. We have a strict environmental policy and do our utmost to reduce our environmental impact. Among other things, we are affiliated with REPA, which helps us to fulfill our producer responsibility.

During the planning of our facilities, environment and sustainable thinking were always on our mind. That´s why we installed:

  • LED lighting. All our lightning are from LED, from warehouse to office and production.

  • Heating and cooling from geothermal energy. 5000 sqm is a lot to heat and cool. Therefore, several thousand meters of holes were drilled, and several geothermal heat pumps were installed. The entire facility is now heated and cooled almost exclusively by geothermal heat.

  • Modern and ecofriendly building materials. Some examples are energy glass and super-insulating wall panels, the list can be made long.

We want our new modern facility to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. We will still use up large amounts of energy despite all the things we mentioned above. That’s why we decided to invest in solar energy. Right now, we are planning a solar cell facility on our roof. The transition to a world that relies more and more on renewable energy is something that we at Famora Foods are passionate about and want to be involved in.

The investment in solar cells are an important part of our environmental and sustainability work. The goal is that we will produce as much energy as we spend. The solar plant will produce well over 200,000 kWh in full operation, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 44 households.

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility

Human rights and good conditions for workers are incredibly important for contributing to a better world. We have a code of conduct based on the UN Declaration on Human Rights. All our producers must approve this code to become a supplier to us. They also undertake to receive unannounced visits by us to inspect the conditions at place. We primarily work with so-called low-risk countries. When this are not possible, we always try to ensure that the supplier works according to UN human rights and is certified by third parties.